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Anabolic Cooking
Affiliate Marketing 101

Here on this site I've provided you with lots of tools and resources that you can use to market the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook with both free & paid advertising methods. Helping affiliates like you is my top priority. So if you have any questions or need any assistance setting up your affiliate campaigns please feel free to e-mail me.

I'll work with you personally to help make your affiliate promos a success. This is a Win-Win situation. You have to be successful in order for me to be successful. So I'm looking forward to working with you and helping you build a profitable affiliate business promoting the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook.

Affiliate Marketing Basics...

The basic prinicples of an affiliate program is a profit sharing arrangement between the affiliate (you) and the merchant (me). The affiliate sends visitors to the merchants website and if any of those visitors make a purchase the affiliate makes a commission. It is as simple as that.

With the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook we pay out a very generous 75% commission to our affiliates. The reason for the high commissions is because the product is a digital download so the expenses are minimal compared to hard copy physical products. The high commissions make it worth while to you as an affiliate to put forth the time, effort, and money needed to successfully promote the program.

I'm going to be totally up front and honest with you from the get go. Affiliate marketing is a business like any other and requires time and effort to become successful. This is not some get rich quick scheme. You may have heard of grand claims of incredible wealth potential with seemingly little effort spring out at you from all directions. As a newcomer its difficult to sift fact from fiction. But that's what I'm going to do for you here.

The Secret To Success...

The secret to affiliate success is generating lots of traffic or visitors to the website. Only a small percentage of those who see the offer will actually convert into a sale. It's really a numbers game - the more people you get to see the ad, the more sales you are likely to make.

The metric used to measure sales relative to views is known as the conversion rate and it shows the number of sales per hundred visitors. So if 100 visitors see the sales page and 1 actually buys the conversion rate is 1%. Conversion rates will vary a lot depending on the source of the traffic. Referral traffic or warm traffic usually converts a lot higher then cold traffic. But regardless of the conversion rate, it still takes a lot of visitors to make a decent number of sales.

However it is not just a matter of getting lots of traffic. Getting a million elderly women to view the Anabolic Cooking website is obviously not going to convert as well as getting a million young adult males to view the site. The objective is to attract traffic with the greatest potential for conversion into sales. This is what is referred to as "targeted traffic" and your level of success relates directly to your ability to attract lots of targeted traffic. Which in our case is young to middle age men and women who are into bodybuilding and fitness, and are interested in nutrition.

Recommended Affiliate Books...

I will ONLY recommend these resources if I truly think it's worth your time and investment. Remember, I don't make money, if you don't make money and you are the life line of my business so I am VERY careful to recommend anything that will not help you make more money.

Recommendation #1: The Beginner's Guide To Affiliate Marketing
Topic: Beginner Affiliate Marketing

Who is it for: Print this free book off and read it during your next cardio workout and use it to kickstart your success. It's one of the best resources I can provide for you to help you plant your foot in the right direction.


To save the file to your local computer, right-click on the link below with your mouse and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As"

Complete Beginner's Guide.PDF


Recommendation #2: Dynamic Web Marketing Secrets
Author: Matt Dietz
Topic: How To generate More Traffic (Great Tool!)

Who is it for: Any affiliate who is currently using my own pre-made affiliate website, their own website or a blog and wants to increase traffic to my site. Remember, you will convert 1-3 sales for every 100 visitors to my site which is $50-150 a day based on 100 visitors to my site which will pay for the investment of this book.

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