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Banner Ads

While banner ads are not as effective in promoting traffic to a website, they are an 'okay' way to compliment the rest of your marketing. Banner ads tend to scream 'advertisement' so don't do a great job of pre-selling the program.
Banner ads work well if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • A high traffic site receiving more then 1000 visitors a day.
  • If they are a 'Sponsor' for your site.
  • When used in conjunction with a written review, articles, and textlinks rather than by themselves.

Here are the steps to using banner ads:

1. Choose the banner/e-book cover that you would like to use.

2. Right click on your selected choice and save it to your computer.

3. Upload the banner ad to your desired location of your website.

4. Hyperlink your affiliate ID into the product image so you get commission:
* Make sure to replace "YOURCBNICKNAME" with your ClickBank Nickname so that you will receive a commission on the sales that come through your affiliate link on your website.

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