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Anabolic Cooking
Custom Landing Page

If you would like to do a special promotion with us we can make you a custom version of our sales page. Here's what we recommend.

1) We'll do a special 3 or 4-day promotion running Monday to Thursday where we put the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook on sale for a discount, just for your visitors.

2) We'll give you a special link to the sales page where we include a video or picture of you at the top of the page welcoming your fans. We also suggest you offer an additional bonus of your own that you'll donate to anyone that buys during the 4-day sale. (Just have them forward their clickbank receipt to your assistant.)

3) Once the promo is up, you just change your affiliate link back to the main sales page where the program will be offered at regular price.

4) If you have questions about how this would work, would like help planning a promotion or would like to schedule a 4-day promotion to offer your list you can contact us here: Anabolic Cooking Affiliate Service

NOTE: This is an advanced strategy. You should expect to make a minimum of 100 sales. Your email list should have 5K or more to apply for this feature.