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Brandable Free PDF

Brandable e-reports are another powerful way of producing sales by providing exceptionally interesting content and packaged "sexier" then just a plain article.

A Brandable PDF allows you the hide you affiliate hop link and get more sales, just by distributing this e-report.

Here are some reasons why Free Reports are more powerful then articles:

  • Free reports are more exciting because they appear meatier and specialize on a unique topic.

  • Giving away a professionally packaged information product promotes credibility and a willingness to help others.

  • My E-Report is well packaged with lots of colors, pictures, graphics which makes it exciting to read, print off and store on your computer.

Here are a few simple ways to use these E-Report to generate sales:

1. You can 'review' the content on your site, blog or newsletter.
2. You can give it away as a gift on your site, newsletter or blog.
3. If you sell a product of your own, feel free to give it away a Bonus gift on your site.

Brandable E-Report

The MuscleCook's Top 10 Most "Anabolicious" Recipes

To brand your own FREE COPY OF OUR brandable e-report, simply enter
your clickbank ID and click "Rebrand It!":

(The links in the report will be all branded with your affiliate ID)

Enter Your Clickbank ID:

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